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My first programs were games for Texas Instruments TI-57 programmable calculator. While this "computer" had only 50 "program steps" (basically assembler instructions), it forced me to develop extremely optimized algorithms. It was 16 years old, and since 1980 I developed programs for all kinds of computers -- from first "desktops" (Crommemco System III, Apple 2), mainframes (UNIVAC 1010), first 8080-based PCs, Transputers, up to todays Windows or Linux systems.

Till 1986, I worked on various interpreters (BASIC), compilers (PASCAL) and system tools (UCSD File System Repair) as full-time hobby, but then (aged 21) I started my professional career. 

Platform Architect [2016-2017]

Faraday Future  [Santa Clara, CA]

About the company:

Faraday Future is a start-up technology company focused on the development of intelligent electric vehicles. Faraday Future was established in April 2014 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Since its inception in 2014, the company grew to 1000 employees by January 2016. The company debuted its first concept vehicle, the single-seat sports car, FF ZERO1, at the January 2016 Consumer Electronics.

About the role:

As Platform Architect in domain of Digital Maps for Autonomous Driving I was responsible for all aspects of the sub-system. In particular, during my work at that position I

  • Defined Map Model that satisfies complete set of Autonomous Driving use cases including Freeway Autopilot, Urban Driving with complex intersections as well as Valet Parking,
  • Specified detailed requirements focused on Autonomous Valet Parking,
  • Worked with AD Map providers on sample data production,
  • Designed AD Map Sub-system and lead first implementation phase.

Employee - Special Projects Group [2015-2016]

Apple Inc.  [Cupertino, CA]

About the role:

In the Special Projects Group, I worked on project where I fully applied my existing domain know-how, and extended and deepen my expertise in applications of Digital Maps. Unfortunately, at this time I cannot share more details about my achievements at that position.

Freelance Consultant [2012-2015]

Digital Map Systems Consulting [Frankfurt, Germany]

Principal Engineer and Team Lead [2003-2012]

NAVTEQ (Nokia Location & Commerce) [Frankfurt, Germany]

About the company:

NAVTEQ ( is the leading global provider of location content in the form of maps, traffic and places data to enable navigation, ADAS, location-based services and mobile advertising around the world. NAVTEQ is headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA, with more than 5,800 employees worldwide located in 200 offices in 54 countries. .NAVTEQ was acquired and integrated into NOKIA organization in 2012.

About the role:

As a Principal Engineer and a Team Leader Customer Engineering/In-Vehicle, I am responsible for the realization of Customer Projects and similar activities related to Map-Supported (Car) Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. I am also the primary technical contact for external customers with regard to ADAS maps and algorithms as well as being the in-house expert for ADAS systems.

Projects and Responsibilities:

Besides the projects listed above, my team and I have worked on many other Customer projects for BMW, Jaguar/Land-Rover, Renault and Magneti Marelli.

Team Lead - Off-board Navigation [2001-2003]

ComROAD AG [Munich, Germany]

  • Technical Lead: ComROAD StreetGuard; SMS-based Off-Board Navigation System
  • Responsible for a complete vertical solution from Data Compilation, Navigation Servers to Windows CE Navigation Clients
  • Design and implementation of various system components (Address/POI Lookup Server, Routing Server, Traffic & Weather Information Server, WinCE Navigation Client)
  • Leader of team of 5 developers
  • Software development under Linux, Windows and Windows CE. .

Lead Software Developer [2000-2001]

Moon AG [Würzburg, Germany]

  • Development of WAP services for GSM cellular phones
  • Programming in Java (Oracle JDeveloper), Visual Basic, Oracle
  • Administration of Nokia WAP Server, Apache WEB Server etc..

Director Software Development [1994-1999]

Plato d.o.o [Zagreb, Croatia] / Navigon GmbH [Würzburg, Germany]

  • Lead Architect and Developer of all Navigon Products (Routing and In-Car navigation systems).
  • Developed first country-wide door-to-door routing algorithm
  • Developed first GPS-only map-matching module .

Software Developer [1986-1993]

Zglog / Argosoft d.o.o / Croatian Army / Microline d.o.o. [Zagreb, Croatia]

  • ZGLOG: work on first PROLOG compiler for x86 based systems.
  • ARGUS: design and development of accounting software.
  • Croatian Army: Work on solutions in area of Computer Security and Cryptography.
  • Microline: Software Development Team Lead, Accounting Software. .
  • First programs developed in 1980.
  • Software professional since 1986 (uninterrupted career).
  • Car Navigation Systems since 1994.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems since 2004.
  • Autonomous Driving since 2015.
  • Developed software for programmable calculators, PCs, mainframes, ECUs, mobile phones in C, C++, Pascal/Delphi, Java, C#, Assembler under Windows, Linux, QNX and other operating systems.
  • For me, computers (Operating Systems, Programming Languages) are just tools and I do not have particular preference to one or other -- I will always try to choose the best for the job. Nevertheless, I think C++ is most powerful programming language and I prefer to work in it.