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Patents and Innovations

Patents and Patent Applications

  • EP1387145A1: Differential Dynamic Navigation System for Off-Board Car Navigation (2004)

    An off-board navigation system for providing navigation and route information including real-time information comprising at least one client and a server, said at least one client being connected to said server via a wireless connection. The off-board navigation system comprises a static map database for storing road map data and a traffic information database for storing traffic information data, wherein said databases are connected via a telecommunication or computer network to said server for providing said client with navigation and road map information, characterized by a dynamic map database for storing time varying attributes of said road map data under consideration of said stored traffic information data. The present invention therefore offers the advantages that changes of traffic information data can be easily identified and traffic incidents affecting the optimal route are continuously monitored even if the user is using an alternative route.

  • US 8,717,192: Method and System for using Intersecting Electronic Horizons (2014)
    A method and system for using data associated with a first vehicle and a given road segment defined for a road network and using data associated with a second vehicle and the given road segment to determine a multi-vehicle probability value that indicates a probability that the first vehicle and the second vehicle will arrive at a common position of the given road segment simultaneously. The multi-vehicle probability value can be compared to a threshold probability value to determine whether the first vehicle and/or the second vehicle should take a responsive measure to avoid those vehicles arriving at the common position of the given road segment simultaneously. The data associated the first vehicle and the data associated with the second vehicle can each include a respective electronic horizon for that vehicle, and time parameters and probability values associated with those vehicles being on the given road segment.

NAVTEQ Significant Development Awards

All rights to the innovations bellow belong to NAVTEQ GmbH & Co. KG.

  • Speed Profile & Speed Warning (2006)
  • Anti Spoofing of GPS (2007)
  • Ghost Driver Warning System (2007)
  • LKA-based Lane Position Estimator (2007)
  • Direction Indicator and Lane Positioning in Electronic Horizon (2008)
  • Use of convoluted Drive History in Electronic Horizon and Routing (2008)
  • Winding Route (2008)
  • Use of Speed Profile Server in Map-Enhanced Green Driving Assistant (2008)
  • Intersecting Electronic Horizons (2009) Speed-Based Road Preview (2009)
  • Native ADASIS v2 Horizon Provider (2010)

Innovation is natural part of the profession I have chosen. However, only relatively recently, in 2006, I was persuaded to approach that topic to more formal and systematic way.

During my work at NAVTEQ, I was considered as one of most prolific inventors outside of R&D department.