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Fusion of different hardware sensors with a digital map (Electronic Horizon) is at the core of the EU project InteractIVe. My team and I are working on the definition, design and implementation of the core concept (“Perception Horizon”) together with partners from Delphi, Fiat, Volvo, Daimler and others. Within the scope of this project and based on the Perception Horizon, I will also implement the Enhanced Dynamic Pass Predictor with BMW.

S. Durekovic: Perception Horizon
Presentation on IEEE IV 2011, Baden-Baden [pdf]

Perception Horizon Concept

Perception Horizon Architecture

My role in the project

I was active already during the preparation of the project proposal in 2006 and 2007. In particular, I defined role of the Digital Map and Electronic Horizon in the overall project structure. After the start of the project, I worked between 2010 and 2012 on sub-project 2 (Perception Horizon) and sub-project 4 (SECONDS).

SP2: Perception Horizon

In the SP2, I worked with other partners on Use Cases, Requirements as well as on Architecture of the Perception Horizon. In addition, I was responsible for the integration of the Electronic Horizon and Digital Map in the concept as well for implementation of ADASIS v2 Horizon Reconstructor into the ADTF, which was selected as development framework. For majority of partners (BMW, Ford, Volvo), ADASRP served as ADASIS v2 Horizon Provider, so I was supporting this framework too.

ADASRP, ADTF and ADASIS v2 [video]


Besides being liaison between SP2 and SP4, my focus in this subproject is realization of the Enhanced Dynamic Pass Predictor, which is based on the BMW project Dynamic Pass Predictor.

Until 2012, among other improvements I implemented the following enhancements to the original application:

  • Use of camera for detection of Speed Limits and Overtaking Restrictions; feeding that input to the Electronic Horizon as possible correction of the Digital Map Data;
  • Use of camera for road width detection, which is in turn used for the curve speed estimation (BMW Adaptive Speed Recommendation is used as one of base modules for eDPP).
  • Use of camera and the Electronic Horizon for Lane-Level Positioning.
  • Fusion of Radar and Electronic Horizon to determine Overtaking Phases.

eDPP Architecture

Fusion Map/Camera for improvements of the Electronic Horizon data [video]

Lane-Level Positioning [video]

Fusion Camera/Electronic Horizon for detection of Overtaking Progress [video]

Overtaking Monitor and radar-based detection of oncoming vehicles [video]

  • EU-funded Research Project (30 Mio. EUR budget)

  • Duration: 42 months (2010 - 2013)

  • Main objective: fusion of different sensors (including Digital Map/Electronic Horizon) to Perception Horizon as base for different ADAS

  • Uses ADASRP as ADASIS v2 Horizon Provider

  • Work on integration of Digital Map/Electronic Horizon into Perception Horizon

  • Work with BMW on Enhanced Dynamic Pass Predictor

  • Integration of the ADASIS v2 Horizon Reconstructor into ADTF