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BMW Ghost Driver Warning

GDW uses the map to recognize a situation when the vehicle is moving in the wrong direction on one-way roads (e.g. highways). The driver is warned acoustically, as well as visually on the Head-up Display and the Central Information display. In addition, the position of the ego-vehicle is sent via a Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication channel to other cars in the vicinity, informing other drivers about the presence and exact location of this danger. Using Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication the location of the Ghost Driver is sent to a Service Centre, which in turn can alert the authorities, as well as other entities who are able to distribute warnings in the wider area.

BMW Press Releases [German, English]

TV about Ghost Driver Warning [RTL, PRO-7]


Snapshots from BMW promotional video


Ego Driver Alert in Central Information Display (CID)
[Position sent to Server via Vehicle-to-Infractructure (V2I) channel]


Ego Driver Alert in the Head-up Display (HuD)



Other Driver Ghost Driver Information in the CID
[data received via V2I channel]


Other Driver Warning in the CID
[data received via V2I and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) channel]



Other Driver Warning in the HuD



Other Driver Alert in the HuD

  • Prototype running in BMW 630, 530 and 535

  • Both in-car application and the Service Center implemented as ADASRP plug-ins

  • Sinisa developed GDW together with an engineer from less than two months in 2008

  • Standard ADASRP Positioning Module needed modifications to detect movement of the ego-vehicle in the wrong direction

  • Successful test on the test track followed by large-scale feasibility study that investigated behaveiour of the system in real-world highway junctions