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BMW Dynamic Pass Predictor

Based on road geometry and other attributes in digital navigation maps as well as actual driving dynamic parameters DPP informs the driver about road sections that are not safe for overtaking. In the sense of the DPP concept the driver will get knowledge about roads ahead even when he is driving in unfamiliar areas. Furthermore, with the visibility sensing system, the driver will be continuously informed about the visibility range which depends of the weather conditions and lighting environment. This avoids the continuously increasing willingness of the driver to take an overtaking risk. By using DPP in overtaking situations a safe, relaxed and comfortable driving will be achieved. Such DPP system will contribute to the optimisation of overtaking manoeuvre by controlling the speed based on road environment and visibility range leading to a greener driving.

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Magazine Articles about Dynamic Pass Predictor

  • Prototype implemented in BMW 530 and BMW 630

  • ADASRP plug-in

  • Developed by myself and an engineer from the BMW between 2006 and 2008

  • Enhanced DPP under development in scope of EU-funded project interactIVe