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NAVTEQ ADAS Research Platform

NAVTEQ ADASRP is a software framework for prototyping Map-Supported and Map-Enabled ADAS applications. The main components of this framework are Core Navigation (Map Display, Vehicle Positioning, Geocoding & Routing) and Road-Ahead Prediction (Electronic Horizon). ADASRP

As well as supporting development of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, ADASRP is used in the development of specialized routing algorithms (e.g. Green Routing, Traffic-based Routing, etc) and other navigation components such as Natural Language Guidance.

Priced at 25,000 EUR per year, ADASRP is licensed to all major automobile manufacturers and system vendors and it is used in a large number of public research projects such as InteractIVe, EcoMove, SimTD, FeedMap, CoVeL and LIST.


ADASRP & Sinisa

In 2004, Sinisa was given task to develop second generation of the ADASRP from the scratch.

Till 2012, when he left NAVTEQ, he was responsible for all technical and many non-technical aspects of the product and acted as main architect, principal developer, team lead, product and project manager.

Despited the fact that NAVTEQ did not actively market the  ADASRP, in few years the Platform became most popular and widely accepted tool for the prototying of Map-Supported and Map-Enabled Driver Assistance Systems.

ADASRP Architecture

Customers (2012)


Selected Consortia Projects


ADASRP in Action

Please click on images to see videos. 

NAVTEQ Natural Guidance Prototype [Video]

NAVTEQ/Magneti Marelli Green Driving Prototype [Video]
BMW Dynamic Pass Predictor Prototype [video]

ADASIS v2 Horizon Provider [Video]

ADASRP as Horizon Provider; Elektrobit ADTF and Matlab/Simulink as ADASIS v2 Horizon Clients [Video]

Visualization of the ADASIS v2 in the ADASRP [Video]

  • Research and Prototyping SDK for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • Access to NAVTEQ Map Attributes

  • Integrated Navigation Functionality (Map Matching, Map Display, Routing, Guidance)

  • Easy Integration of Future Map Content

  • Sinisa was fully responsible for ADASRP between 2004 and 2012

  • Generated more than 3 Mio. EUR in revenues