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ADASIS Forum & ADASIS v2 Specification

ADASIS Forum is organization of all major vehicle manufactures and System Vendors with objective to define to standardize data model to represent map data ahead of the vehicle (ADAS Horizon, Electronic Horizon) as well to define standardized interface to enable applications to access this ADAS Horizon.

Members of ADASIS forum (as of February 2013) are:

AISIN AW, Alpine, BMW, Continental Automotive, Daimler, Denso, dSpace, Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, FORD, Garmin, Honda, Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH, Intermap Technologies, MA-COM Technology Solutions Inc, Michael Sena Consulting AB, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Europe, Navigon, NNG LLC, Nokia L&C, Nissan, Opel, PSA, Renault, Robert Bosch Car Multimedia, Scania,TeleNav,Tom Tom,Toyota Motor Corporation, Valeo, Volkswagen, Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Technology Corporation (VTEC).

Since 2004 Sinisa is one of most active members of ADASIS forum.

ADASIS v2 Specification

Between late 2009 and April 2010 I led a group of automotive OEMs and SVs (Bosch, BMW, Continental, Daimler, Ford, Opel, PSA, TeleAtlas) in the design and development of the CAN and C API interface between Digital Maps and ADAS applications (Electronic Horizon). After its release in 2010 the ADASIS v2 Specification, backed by the ADASIS Forum, is now accepted as the de-facto standard.

 ADASIS v2 Reference Horizon Reconstructor

We also developed reference ADASIS v2 Horizon Reconstructor: the MISRA-C software module that receives ADASIS v2 CAN traffic and exposes Electronic Horizon to client application via ADASIS v2 API. Again, I led the Implementation Task Force (Av2HR-C ITF).

ADASIS v2 HR is starting point for every development of client applications that uses ADASIS v2 specification and reduces effort in system development by 2 man/years.


ADASRP 2010.1 from April 2010, as well as all later releases incorporates ADASIS v2 package that is completely my work. This framework is the first commercial tool for ADASIS v2 development and, besides being important tool for automotive OEMs, it was used by companies like dSPACE and Elektrobit as reference.

ADASIS v2 package for ADASRP consists of five components:

  1. Av2HP plug-in and Av2HP_Coder plug-in that forms together ADASIS v2 Horizon Provider.
  2. ADASIS v2 Horizon Reconstructor library
  3. Av2_Dumper plug-in for the visualization of the ADASIS v2 Horizon content.
  4. Av2HR Storage Use plug-in for monitoring memory consumption of the Av2HR
  5. Av2HR Stats plug-in showing various statistical data used for the analysis and optimization

In addition, Av2HR Reconstructor package for the Elektrobit ATDF as well as sample MatLab/Simulink client model are also included.

ADASIS v2 Horizon Provider [Video]

ADASRP as Horizon Provider; Elektrobit ADTF and Matlab/Simulink as ADASIS v2 Horizon Clients [Video]

Visualization of the ADASIS v2 in the ADASRP [Video]

  • Considered as one of main expert for the ADASIS

  • During 2009 and 2010 coordinated work and one of main contributors to ADASIS v2 Specification

  • Developed first commercial development tool for the ADASIS v2 development including ADASIS v2 Horizon Provider, Elektrobit ATDF filter and MatLab/Simulink client model

  • Work on the ADASIS v1 specification (2005-2007) as well as ADASIS v1 support in the ADASRP