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Dear Visitor,

I am the Software Architect, Engineer and a Team Leader with more than 25 years of experience in design and development of software systems. After 8 years as Principal Engineer in a mid-sized company, and another 3 years as Senior Principal Architect and Chief Engineer at major premium Navigation System supplier, in 2015 I moved to Silicon Valley to work in Apple Special Project Group and Faraday Future.

I’m currently working as Architect in Intel Autonomous Driving Group in San Jose, California.

My area of expertise is

  • Design, Architecture and Implementation of the Digital Map Sub-system for the Autonomus Driving
  • Map-Enabled and Map-Supported Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • ADASIS v2 and BMW ADAS 2 specifications, Electronic Provider and Reconstructor Software; related and custom Electronic Horizon Protocols
  • On-Board, Off-Board and Hybrid Navigation, including database formats, algorithms (Vehicle Positioning, Route Calculation Guidance, Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding, ...) and related protocols
  • Digital Map content, coverage and accuracy. as well as exchange formats (GDF, RDF, ...)
  • Enterprise and Telematics services that use Digital Maps

In above areas, my activities include

  • Development and Test of complete systems (e.g. Intelligent ACC) or system components (e.g. Vehicle Positioning)
  • Preparation of RFIs (Request-for-Information) and preparing response to RFIs
  • Preparation of RFQs (Request-for-Quotation) and preparing response to RFQs
  • Definition of Use Cases and Requirements
  • Writing Specifications
  • Work on Architecture
  • Training (ADAS, Navigation Systems, Digital Maps, ...)


This Web Site

This site is divided into several parts:

  • Projects page list some of most interesting projects I was working on
  • Patents and Innovations contains descriptions of some of my ideas
  • Publications contains number of papers I authored or co-authored
  • Positions shows in that companies I was working before deciding to work as freelance consultant
  • On Résumé page you will find my Curriculum Vitae as well some references
  • Gallery of pictures from different events
  • On Contact page one can find ways how to reach me


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Sinisa Durekovic